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Singapore & Malaysia Edu Fair 2017

Think Different.Think Singapore.

  1. Best Student Cities 2014: Rank 1 for Employer Activity: by latest QS Ratings.
  2. World class infrastructure, high quality living, strong economy, political stability, shopaholic’s paradise, culinary delights, vivacious city life.
  3. Singapore is a place of several strategic industries for economic growth.
  4. The island nation of Singapore attracts more than twice the number of visitors every year.
  5. Quality of education is high and internationally accepted.
  6. Singapore has one of the most efficient public transportation systems in the world. Travelling is very quick and affordable.
  7. Of all the four Asian tiger economies, Singapore is probably the easiest for students from overseas to adjust to. 
  8. English is widely spoken and understood by 75% of the five million populations, and is the officially designated language for the education system.
  9. Singapore is described as the world’s fourth financial centre, while its port is one of the five busiest ports in the world.
  10. The International Monetary Fund has rated it the third highest country in terms of per capita income.
  11. Contrary to international trends, Singapore is aiming to restrict the number of international students at its universities in the face of local anxiety that too few places were available for nationals.
  12. Affordable fee: The cost of education in Singapore is quite low as compared to other study abroad destinations like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
  13. Affordable Living Cost. Like cost of education, living expenses are low in Singapore as compared to other study abroad destinations but it has high standard of living.
  14. Singapore offers a wide variety of accommodation to suit different needs and budgets.
  15. Fast track Visa in 3-4 weeks
  16. Closer to Home
  17. Air fares from India to Singapore are very affordable.
  18. Pleasant Weather Singapore has tropical rainforest climate.
  19. As published in the World Investment report 2009, issued by UNCTAD, there are 14,052 MNC’s (multinational companies) in Singapore.
  20. Time Difference: Singapore follows Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) time zone. Singapore Standard Time (SST) is 2:30 hours ahead of Indian Standard Time (IST).
  21. Currency: Singapore Dollar (SGD). 1SGD = 49 INR approx.
  22. It is easy for Indians to find work in Singapore, 10% of the Singaporean population are Indian, and “there is a high standard of living, a high life expectancy rate and no racism. Sometimes in the US and Europe you experience racism but here there is no discrimination. For Indians looking for a job the easiest place to find a job would be Singapore.”
  23. In Singapore you will have students from more than 30+ countries as your batch mates. This enables you to take advantage of the rich inter-cultural environment and excellent global networking opportunities.
  24. Singapore is the safest city for students. The government of Singapore has a non-tolerance policy towards drug abuse and ragging in campus.
  25. You can also apply for a PR status in 2years and settle down in Singapore. 
  26. The experience gained in Singapore is at the Asia Pac level and is always welcome back in India in the case of student wanting to return.
  27. The Singapore universities/colleges MOUs and tie-ups with British or American universities have made it possible for Indian students to get UK and U.S. degrees at a fraction of the cost.
  28. The prevalence of lesser red tape, easier student visa rules and a unique fee protection scheme under which foreign students in private educational institutions are offered an alternative when that institution is closed down.
  29. No IELTS /TOEFL required if the student has completed their education in English and can be waived Off.
  30. No GRE/GMAT* - Depending on the Institution & Course
  31. No Old Funds required to be shown.
  32. Pay Tuition Fee after Visa.
  33. No Visa Interviews.
  34. Unique FPS (Fee Protection Scheme) to protect students Tuition fee.

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